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About Us

Bubbling Juniper was born around the dinner table, inspired by a gift from Auntie Gail, a fabulous Christmas Neck Warmer with reindeers on one side and fleece on the other.

We loved the concept so much we decided to see if others would like it as much as our family did.Our neck warmers sit neatly under your chin and fit snugly under your coat collar, nestling soft fleece into your neck.

The best bit is that nothing dangles down! It doesn’t get in the way when you bend to tie laces or extract a child from a puddle, or change a nappy. There’s no bulk, it will fit in most pockets and is soft and cuddly!

We think everyone should own one of these wonderfully warm, stylish and practical accessories that give a splash of colour and fun to any outfit on any occasion.

The love of sewing re-ignited the Bubbling Juniper Brand was expanded and more practical yet beautiful items are being added our selection in an aim to offer handmade gorgeous accessories to the world.

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